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GALE But sometimes your career gotta come before family. ANGRY BLACK CON Yeah, but Doc Schwartz is sayin' you gotta accept responsibilities. On the lower bunk, also with hands clasped behind his head and staring off at the same spot in space, is Hi. An' when they was no crawdad to be foun', we ate San'. Nathan Arizona is on the telephone, his stocking feet up on an ottoman. NATHAN (into the phone) Eight hundred leaf tables and no chairs?!

Two convicts sitting next to each other, GALE and EVELLE, appear to be friends. Moses is a gnarled, elderly black con with wire-rimmed spectacles. A pull back from the paper shows Hi and Ed reading it together at home. Hi opens to an inside page and we pan a row of pictures - the five tots with their names underneath: "HARRY, BARRY, LARRY, GARRY and NATHAN JR." VOICE OVER ..we thought it was unfair that some should have so many while others should have so few. VOICE OVER ..at the time, Ed's little plan seemed like the solution to all our problems, and the answer to all our prayers. A building chord snaps off in a shock cut to: SUBURBAN LIVING ROOM EVENING Tableau of a couple at home. The living room is dominated by a large oil portrait of Nathan and Florence, gazing out from the wall over the mantelpiece.

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VOICE OVER ..it was like I was makin' popcorn, ya see... And Nathan Arizona - well hell, you know who he is... Hi goes over to the closet door, which is ajar, and swings it open. Behind him Hi, on his stomach, is reaching in to grab at his leg. Behind him, in the background, just rounding the open door from the nursery, yet another baby is making a mad dash for freedom. As she catches sight of something she breaks into a broad smile, unlocks the door, and slides over to the passenger seat.

Moses' voice is mixing down as we lose him from frame. BUD So here comes Bill a-walkin' down Nine Mile - that's Bill Parker, y'understand - got his sandwich in one hand, the fuckin' head in the other... VOICE OVER As you probably guessed, Florence Arizona is the wife of Nathan Arizona. WIDE ANGLE UNDER CRIB A baby holding a rattle leers into the camera in the foreground. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY The floor-level wide-angle shot shows a baby crawling toward the camera in the foreground. CHEVY Ed sits anxiously waiting in the driver's seat, peering intently through the windshield.

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VOICE OVER I tried to sort through what the Doc had said, but prison ain't the easiest place to think.

A bellowing male voice from offscreen: SHERIFF Don't forget the profile, Ed! VOICE OVER I was in for writing hot checks which, when businessmen do it, is called an overdraft.

At the far end of the corridor a huge con is sluggishly mopping the floor. CLOSE ON ED Looking up through her tears as Hi is led away. BACK TO HI Struggling to call back over his shoulder as he is firmly led out the door. VOICE OVER I can't say I was happy to be back inside, but the flood of familiar sights, sounds and faces almost made it feel like a homecoming.

NEWSREEL FOOTAGE A ballplayer connects - THWOCK - for a home run and the crowd roars.

A disheveled young man in a gaily colored Hawaiian shirt is launched into frame by someone offscreen. INTERCUTTING HI'S POV of the MOPPING CON, tracking as he approaches, and the Mopping Con's POV of Hi as Hi approaches. But there's a spirit of camaraderie that exists between the men, like you find only in combat maybe... VOICE OVER ..on a pro ball club in the heat of a pennant drive.

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Ages: This game is appropriate for middle school students and older.

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However, the holiday remains a very special day for those with fathers in their lives.

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now you can reach the site via either http or https.

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