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"Promoters are important in determining when specific genes are turned on and off," says Feigin, "and I became interested in figuring out whether mutations within promoters -- as opposed to within the genes they regulate -consistently affects the way cancers develop and sustain themselves." The team "looked all across the genome," Feigin says, "and, interestingly, while we did find mutations in promoters, we never found clusters of these mutations near any of the genes that prior research had already told us were typically mutated in pancreatic cancer." Genes called KRAS and p53 are mutated in the majority of pancreas cancer cells, for example.

But mutations in promoters sifted out of mountains of data by the team's novel mathematical formula, or algorithm, called GECCO, lay in genes never before implicated in pancreatic cancer.

In an admirably cautious manner, the purchase was not fission- or fusion-material.

They bought graphite rods that moderate or shut down the chain reaction, such that a nice "heat-up" will not become a catastrophic "blow-up". Today's news is that the old Axiom that "Your Genome is Forever" no longer holds. But when a patient is dying of cancer and nothing works, the USD half-a-million-dollar-cure can not make it much worse, can it?

15 is better than 40 - and I am younger (though not by much...) than she was to see a breakthrough actually unfolding.

lie adjacent to, but not within, the sequences of the genes that they regulate.

Therefore, promoters are "invisible" when only the exomes of cells are sequenced, as has been commonplace in cancer genetics research.

Science enabled Leo Szilárd to patent the nuclear reactor for peaceful use.

Leo Szilárd also suggested the first purchase of the less peaceful Manhattan Project.

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VRC also serves as a world-wide resource for members of the deaf, hard of hearing, and late-deafened communities seeking to locate realtime and/or captioning services.

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“There are people who knew her back then who are embodying the promise of her,” said David Robertson, an Indigenous author whose graphic novel has brought the Helen Betty Osborne story to a new generation.

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If it is just an update where do I find what to download?