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As an actor, Saotome made an accurate assessment of their current situation, since it would seem really unnatural if they suddenly behaved differently than before.

“Seeing how we started off in the morning, I think we would be best off playing the role of a pair of newly-wed, oblivious couple.” Ah, so that was it.

“Ah, Yagimoto-san, you look really nice.” Sanae, who has already changed into her formal wear, said with her arms crossed on her chest. Sanae…-san.” Calling Saotome by her name was already stretching it. Male walked on the outer rim of the walk, and was always half a step in the lead. Kazuhiro stretched his back, and Sanae laughed at the sight. As Sanae’s hand touched the button, the traffic signal’s red light flashed violently. Please be careful next time.” Kazuhiro comforted Sanae, who was in an agitated state. Please pretend as if we haven’t seen them.” “Yeah, sure…” Sanae whispered while holding her finger on her mouth. He should have known that if he retreated in a hurry, the three of them would surely follow. The best solution in this crisis was to keep acting like Sanae’s boyfriend! Moreover, a man who asked around too much with the lady unwilling to speak was bound to be unpopular.After they exited the campus, Saotome once again put up distance between them. I am off for work.” She had said, that she must be somewhere for the recording of a children’s puppet show. Good luck.” “Thanks.” Having seen Kazuhiro waving his hands, Saotome nodded her head in response. Kazuhiro glared at her receding figure with a dull expression. He didn’t have a shift today, but he came anyway because of Sanae’s request. ” Sanae also asked Kazuhiro to be her fake boyfriend, but he was not aware of the exact details yet. ” Sanae extended her hand, quite a bold move for her. I am not too confident on my knowledge of paintings. The way you are speaking is pretty weird.” Saotome let off a laugh at the other end of the call. Kazuhiro hoped that a horrifying assault like this do not happen again. Let’s go to the top floor.” Sanae said with her head tilted. ” Kazuhiro couldn’t help himself but asked, because this building was not only tall in height, but also terrifyingly expensive. It’s I who asked the favor, so of course I would pay for it.” Everything that followed was the same as before. She almost went unnoticed, because she switched from wearing sunglasses to frameless glasses. Sanae’s lips was slightly stiff as well, trying too hard to look composed. If that was so, the only choice left was to improvise.She gradually released her hold on Kazuhiro’s arm, finally letting it go altogether. The two of them had promised to meet in a prearranged spot. It couldn’t be that she was also a voice actor, and needed his help in earning credits and graduating from Dating101? She grabbed Kazuhiro’s hand and started running, dragging him along. Please enlighten me, Sanae-san.” In order to cooperate with Sanae on their act, Kazuhiro suddenly adopted an extremely polite attitude. Ah, I feel honored, truly happy.” Kazuhiro held his breath, and said in a low tone, desperately trying to maintain his act. Even Kazuhiro knew that there was beyond ridiculous. In this hotel, the top floor was not for accommodation, but rather a lookout restaurant. On a simple request, they would gladly serve customers, so that there wasn’t any need for pressing the buttons. Kazuhiro glared hard at the mysterious beauty, and turned to Sanae, showing off a smile. Kazuhiro quickly swept through the contents of the menu.However, perhaps it was because of his nervousness, his motion was quite rigid. As Kazuhiro turned his head and thought about the incident, he spotted a few suspicious individuals. Nothing.” Kazuhiro forced an unnatural smile, desperately trying to abandon the absurd hypothesis. His childhood friend was a karate master who could easily beat a wild bear. He was asked to do a weird request by three girls on the same day. He could not predict what would happen if they caught up with him. ” Anyways, the best plan right now was to keep a distance away from the trio, and also from Takana. ” Kazuhiro rapidly removed his hand from Sanae’s, as he just realized that he was still holding onto it. It was kind of like playing hide-and-seek when I was a child. Even though they might have escaped from stalkers, they were in a hotel. If he reverted back to his normal self, he would not look like Sanae’s boyfriend. Her position was right behind Sanae, so Kazuhiro was able to see her every move. Afraid of messing up the table decorum, Kazuhiro carefully cut the cake.They were not people who were disturbed by the malfunction of the traffic light. One of them was an older woman who wore black suit. Against these odd occurrences, Kazuhiro was already used to the daily absurdities. Perhaps their location would be discovered by Takana, if they cause a scene. Kazuhiro and Sanae ran all the way to Kyuuhito’s Heaven hotel. Were they left with no choice but to spend a night here? No matter how imperative the circumstance, didn’t checking into a hotel on their first date seem a little bit inappropriate? Kazuhiro didn’t know whether she didn’t want Sanae to discover her, or she wanted to exert some pressure on him. The soft cake meekly resisted against his fork, but was nevertheless split into two halves.

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