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My best guess: It was tottering around the woods outside, accidentally flew onto my second-story balcony, and wandered into my apartment through the sliding-glass door, which I usually leave open to enjoy the breeze. Then I pause for a moment, transfixed by the view framed by my open sliding glass door.

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Living abroad has exposed me to a different approach to life, one in which you're not expected to settle in one place and do one kind of job.

It's ironic to feel lonely on an island of 4 million people, but it seemed I spent my life staring at screens: laptop, cell phone, i Pad — hell, even the taxis and elevators had televisions in them. "I need a vacation." This was a constant refrain in my head.

I wasn't living in the moment; I was living for some indeterminate moment in the future when I'd saved enough money and vacation days to take a trip somewhere. One day I was working on my laptop, finishing some edits on a book I'd just written. Nicknamed "Love City" for its famously friendly locals, it was home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

I let my hands idle too long and the screensaver, a stock photo of a tropical scene, popped up. Feeling slightly ridiculous, I posted a message on Facebook saying that I wanted to move to the Caribbean, and asking for suggestions as to where I should go. The hardest part was convincing myself it was OK to do something for no other reason than to change the narrative of my life. I had no plan, no friends, and no clue how ridiculous I looked, festively ensembled in boat shoes and a dress celebrating the palm tree. But the truth is, I was happier scooping mint chocolate chip for an hour than I was making almost six figures at my previous corporate job. I met new people constantly, talking face-to-face instead of communicating via email and instant messaging.

"You can't just to a place you've never even visited! "Sometimes you just have to leap and the net will appear," I said with more confidence than I felt. Yet I had a strange feeling that everything would unfold as it was supposed to. I come from a conservative Southern family with a healthy respect for the American Dream: You worked hard in school, chose an upper-middle-class job with a 401(k) and a good matching plan. When I closed the shop at the end of the shift, my work was done and my time my own.

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