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How would one keep track of possibly hundreds of potential exposure to other partners? How are children raised if the result of a polyamorous union? in the cited article, I thought those two were attention seeking ogres. No one is answering my questions except to point vaguely to attractive people who are allegedly polyamorous.

There are answers to most, if not all of those questions. They weren't attractive or convincing, so that was my fist impression. So they claim to love others other than their main SO?

The degree of intimacy and affection and time spent with secondaries will vary heavily.

Some may also have other partners / fuckbuddies / play partners that fall closer to the purely casual end of things. I personally don't think a lot of those examples are attractive.

Or would have been, had the well not been poisoned from the start.

If the OP is genuinely interested, she'd be better served by apologizing and starting another thread.

Is it genuine love, or is it indulging in the same urges we all have but try to overcome when we are in a committed monogamous realtionship? How do you go about introducing an additional partner in one? If physical attraction isn't the issue in polyamourism, what is? I am obviously mistaken, and I don't personally understand why someone would voluntarily engage in polyamourism, so I assumed most people who do, do it because they can't keep a monogamous partner interested without outside sex.

Do you have to ask the main partner if it is ok first? If you are a polyamorus couple do you assume your partners are also polyamorous with others and is that ok? If that is wrong, then why does one feel the need to love others all at the same time?

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You marry one person but love others outside of the marriage.The only real common factor is that it involves more-than-casual relationships with 2 people.There are many poly people who make each relationship very serious.This CAN often result in flameouts when people simply get spread too thin (or underattended). The larger number of succesful poly relationships are usually more assymetric.One may have a "primary" partner (often a spouse) and other secondary lovers.

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