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This needs to get approved so the message to stay away from this scam gets out to gamers I got message too.

I wrote so cringy stuff because I knew that this is very sketchy.

From what games you like playing, to "do you want a free pass to watch me practice my show"...

All I needed was my credit card to verify my age....

Except no one uses them and if something were to get weird with a kid in say Minecraft the story doesn't change regardless of whether parental controls were there.

When so much of Nintendos bottom line relies on younger kids, I'm not going to disparage them for taking the super safe route.

@Weeb But wouldn't it be better if all these companies actually made a more concerted effort to inform people that these features exist?

Sure, these things do get bad reports, which paints the system or service in a negative light, but there are tools there to protect the children.

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lmao clearly a scam straight from the first message they send.

As a adult myself, can take care of myself but children is different. Your network is all over the news, but the story isn't PSN is the place to play games this summer; Instead it's "An innocent game of Fifa has gone awry, Billy was working on his corner kick when he received messages from "Sally"" The Xbox One and PS4 have parental controls, hell I'm pretty positive the 360 had them too.

With the family controls it gets even more granular, setting hours they can play, who they can speak to etc etc.

How can I trust that their intentions are true when you have these scammers out there ruining it for all of the honest lonely college girl who apparently can't find love. You also need to consider most of your average parents or grandparents buying these devices don't even know they connect to the internet.

How are these honest poor college girls supposed to ever find a way to not be lonely.:( Such a sad day. But when kids are online and this happens and no adult in sight, then what? It's safer for Nintendo to work this way, look at any time a similar case that happens on PSN or XBL.

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There is no indication that he is committed to having a relationship with you on any level.

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‘Being lighter shows you belong to a different place on the social ladder.

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It is recommended that new patches be tested in a controlled environment that mimics the infrustructure of the production environment before patches are applied.