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At the conclusion of the course, students will be encouraged to explore the impact of other materials on the development of specific technologies as a group project. The Automobile: Its Origins, Development, and Impact on American Society. The automobile is without doubt one of the defining influences on American life and society.

In 1900, most people lived in rural communities, and the main forms of personal transportation were walking and the horse and buggy.

Topics which will be covered include Social Darwinism, the eugenics movement, legislation to restrict immigration into the U. This seminar will focus on three age-related neurological disorders: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington disease.

S., race-based medicine, and race and intelligence. These diseases pose enormous social and economic impact, and current drug-based therapeutic approaches are limited and may not be suited to deal with the imminent problems. This four-credit seminar will guide students to critically evaluate the evidence, uncertainties, and value judgments pertinent to some of the world's pressing environmental issues. Students will decide the topics of exploration to follow. Based on the premise that cities are never "finished," and constantly being remade, we will look at the technological and cultural history of cities from the ancient world to the present day.

Specific technological innovations, such as the elevator and the automobile, will receive special consideration.

We will move both geographically and temporally to visit the world's great cities, Athens, Mexico City, Tokyo, and New York City.

The goals of the seminar are to continue to enhance basic intellectual skills of academic inquiry, such as critical reading, thoughtful analysis, and written and oral communication; to continue to introduce basic information literacy skills; to continue to provide a foundation for ethical decision-making; to continue to encourage a global and multidisciplinary perspective on the learning process; and to continue to facilitate faculty-student interactions. The class will involve both literacy and numeracy, and students will learn to become comfortable handling some of the quantitative measures of energy use. Third, we will examine how scientific conceptualizations about race have influenced, and been influenced by, cultural beliefs.

Prereq: 100 level first year seminar in USFS, FSCC, FSNA, FSSO, FSSY, or FSCS. The class will be characterized by intense yet open-ended intellectual inquiry, guided by reading, lectures and discussion, and will include practice in written and oral communication individually and in small groups. Through readings and open-ended discussion, we will critically examine the scientific process as it has been (and still is) being applied to the study of human races so that each student will ultimately be equipped to develop a scientifically sound conceptualization of race.

A third focus will be on enhancing reading and listening skills in academic contexts: understanding the content and structure of information delivered both orally and in print form; and reading and listening for different purposes. It will be characterized by intense yet open-ended intellectual inquiry, guided by reading from primary as well as secondary sources, and will include practice in written and oral communication in small groups. The course structure allows us to spend more time and attention on your individual needs and goals as writers.We have developed interactions with villages in Senegal, Malawi, and Botswana, and the engineering solutions will be explored within the context of these villages. This seminar-based course will provide a disciplined approach to engineering innovation and design.The course requires students to engage in written and oral communications as well as working in small teams to complete open-ended design/build-related assignments. Fuel Cells convert hydrogen and other fuels directly to electricity and are viewed as a key technology for non-polluting, oil-independent energy in the future.As we do, we will study the examples of significant building projects, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chicago World's Fair, Washington, DC's Metro, and Cleveland's first skyscraper, the Rockefeller Building.The course will cover the history of the professions--engineering, architecture, and urban planning--that have contributed to the construction of cities, and will review the works of these practitioners, as well as that of artists, reformers, and utopians that have imagined new directions for the city. This four credit-hour SAGES seminar provides an introduction to various dimensions of academic life through open-ended intellectual inquiry and guided by reading from primary and secondary sources.

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Families, they say, are becoming more socially egalitarian over all, even as economic disparities widen.

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EW caught up with Stanger, and she dished on the biggest change we’ll see this season, the double standards women still face in the dating world, and the origin of her most memorable isms. We really break you of your bad dating habits and relationship problems. When it came to Claudia Jordan, she had a serious problem that happened to her at 18, and Kelly [Bensimon] blames Bethenny [Frankel] for ruining her life. It’s like, you sit in the hot seat, I’m Barbara Walters [and] Dr. And then I [use] my intuition, I’m psychically reading them. And then, you know, you get your party, we coach you into doing what we have to do. He gets into it with Candace, they have a little brother-sister spat. It has really good moments of highs and lows, and what happens in the end — who ends up with somebody, and who doesn’t listen, and who does listen — and then we have crazy millionaires that… I believe you have mates, who come into your life for a reason. I don’t believe the Beshert [Hebrew for “soulmate”] Jewish theory that “There’s only one.” Oh, my God, I’d be out of business, okay?

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